Graphic Identity Program

Web Template: Pre-2014

WSU home pages and secondary pages use the same underlying template structure and should be closely coordinated in design. These guidelines apply to both home and secondary pages for all zones.

A home page is designed to be the entry page into a site and may have a strong visual design and imagery, and a secondary set of links.  However, a home page may also be quite simple if appropriate for the site purpose.

Page layout and component specifications are controlled by centrally delivered cascading style sheets (CSS). Web developers may create their own local site CSS styles to override the central styles if necessary. However, any local overriding styles must still adhere to the WSU Web Template Guidelines described on this site.

General guidelines

  1. All WSU Web pages must retain access to the dynamically generated central style sheet. This style sheet provides critical page design and WSU branding specifications, and provides for their central management.
  2. The page width and position within the browser window is set and must not be altered. The page is centered and set to a consistent 960 pixels wide. Page width must not flex.
  3. All colors must be selected from the WSU color palette.
  4. Use font sets as specified in the central cascading style sheet. Although Stone is WSU’s corporate font and must be used for print publishing, it is not widely available on Web visitors' computers and therefore not practical for Web use. Lucida Sans font was chosen for the site identifier text and larger page heads because of its similarity to Stone and wide availability. However, Arial is used for small text because Lucida Sans does not render well in smaller sizes on all popular browsers and platforms.
  5. Satisfy the W3C priority level one accessibility checkpoints for critical Web pages as outlined in the Web Accessibility Strategies on the Accessibility Web site.
  6. Content and imagery within each zone may be customized for the needs of your site within the parameters of the guidelines.

The remaining guidelines are primarily organized into sections that parallel the page layout zones in the standard design template. Review and follow these guidelines carefully.



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