Graphic Identity Program

Web Template: Pre-2014

WSU global components

The global components are implemented by using specific code included in the core HTML file. This code must not be altered in any way. The code points to a centrally located external file enabling university-wide updates to the WSU global content. Future updates to this zone will NOT require individual Web developers to update individual sites or pages.

Regional campuses display their unique campus logo, global navigation links, and global footer. Refer to these instructions for implementing regional campus global components.

WSU signature and tagline

The graphic and position are fixed and must not be altered or covered by any other element.

Global navigation text links

The link content, position, font, size, link color, background, and rollover function are fixed and must not be altered.
Each campus uses links specific to its site.

Page background

The background fills the browser window and surrounds the Web page container. The background also appears behind the global navigation links at the top of the page and behind the global footer content at the bottom of the page.

The background color, graphic, and crimson bar across the top are fixed and must not be altered. The crimson bar extends the full width of the browser window.

Page border

The shadowed side and bottom page borders are fixed and must not be altered.


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